Laugh About It cartoons—our story

Finding the humor in something tragic is a healthy thing to do. I hope these cartoons make you feel better. Creating them makes me feel better.

Laugh About It was started during the 2016 Presidential Campaign, when I  (a fine artist living in San Francisco), thought I would lose my mind if I didn’t speak out in some way. I decided to channel my anger into laughter. I started a Facebook page and asked friends to add captions. No usable captions came in. Then, in a secret Facebook group, I met Kat Hatz, a social justice lawyer and writer living in Chicago. We began to craft cartoons via Facebook Messenger, bouncing ideas around based on what was in the news. Since we lived in different time zones, we only occasionally worked together live. We never met. Hatz, a busy online activist, eventually dropped away from cartooning and I, now more confident after the collaboration, soldiers on, refusing to stop until Impeachment.

I always intended to publish a book of cartoons, and in September, 2019, I realized that there were so many cartoons, it was time. The book is cute, fat, and a strange romp through recent history….ah, we were so naive. Order it today from any bookseller and support an indie artist. Here’s the amazon link where you can look at a video of the book. Softcover, 183 pages, greyscale cartoons, $18.99, ISBN 978-0-9793088-5-7

You are invited to post captions or ideas as “comments” on the Facebook site at Laughaboutit . If I chooses your comments (or ideas), I will announce your contribution online, in the next book, and sign your name to a re-posted drawing. (I reserves the right to edit the taglines.)

Please follow Laugh About It here, or follow on Facebook Laughaboutit or Twitter at  Laugh_About_It_.
If you like the cartoons, please share. Political cartoons are timely and need to be seen by as many people as possible in a short time.
If you’d like to purchase a print of any of these cartoons, please contact me.

—Carolyn Crampton

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